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It's Time to Just Breathe....

You can stop chasing clients and let that go...

Just savor the sense from this short video of how it feels to grow your business naturally, authentically, your way...

Feel what it would be like to step into this space as a Lightworker.

It's your time... Give yourself just 41 seconds to step into this space.

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We prepared a short video all about Finding Clients. It's called the "5-Minute Client Finder".

It's free to watch. You can learn about the Client Finder Technique plus must know changes in the Lightworker market place.

Grab a Cup of Tea and Hop in Right Here.


Because You Don't Need a Cookie-Cutter Business Coach

Just like you, we're lightworkers with holistic businesses and healing practices, so we understand your frustrations and challenges.
That's why it's essential to have a three-part approach to business coaching for spiritual entrepreneurs...

Lightworker Business-Building Fundamentals

You'll learn beneficial business skills so you can run your practice efficiently without giving up the integrity of your professional work.

Mindset Management and Personal Growth

You'll achieve a greater sense of security, confidence, and courage so you can share your gifts with those who need your help.

Intuition Validation and Energy Alignment

You'll trust your inner guidance even more for answers, and you'll energetically align passion, purpose, and prosperity.


Discover How We Make a Difference with Your Holistic Practice

We Help You Get Calm and Clear About Running Your Business

Are you frustrated and frazzled with the "back end" of your lightworker practice? Every business needs a solid foundation. With our exclusive business courses, workshops, and planners, we'll help you make the right business decisions in less time with less stress.

We Help You Get Connected to Your Unique Passion

Why is your inspired insight loud and clear for others but quiet and shy with your lightworker practice? We will help you get connected and aligned with your Divine "Board of Directors" so you can get the answers and guidance you need to run your biz according to your individual energetic style.

We Help You Get Creative with How You Help Your Clients

Are you struggling to make someone else's program or system "fit"? We will help you consult with Source to create amazing programs and services and the best ways to offer them so you can welcome your ideal clients and turn your lightworker practice lights ON!


When I started working with Ron and the LOB team, I truly started to grow and get the support that covered all areas of my life. Their program is completely different from anything else out there. The support covers all areas of life. It also includes energetic work, group, and individual coaching, and the work comes in a way that doesn’t feel hard but still pushes outside my comfort zone, and changes and growth start immediately. I learned how to manifest! A $75k gig, then a $40k one, then a $60k one, then other potential clients coming to me.

Kristin Bensch Owner


We Use Our Experience to Create Yours

Ron D. Carlson helped build the Space Shuttle, then he ran numerous entrepreneurial enterprises, taught graduate level at the university, and then became an executive with 100’s of employees and $100 million budget, all the while being a closet intuitive. The truth in all that lies in learning how to turn the lights ON in his businesses and himself. Now, Ron loves to help energy-aware business owners integrate their intuitive guidance with their spiritual business so they can turn their lights ON too.


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