Good, Fresh Advice in a Comfy Setting.

Just Like Your Neighborhood Bistro.

This is Bistro Coaching from Lights On Business.

You know the bistro down the street as a place to get good, fresh food in a comfortable atmosphere at a fair price.

When you're done, you leave satisfied.

You got just what you wanted.

What if you could access expert business coaching in the same way?

A no-pressure, comfortable phone atmosphere call with a successful spiritual entrepreneur.

  • Fresh advice your Lightworker business questions. We've been where you are, and we'd love to help!
  • No hustle or hype. No sales pitches or half-hearted answers.
  • Economical cost. No need to charge an arm and a leg for timely advice and next steps.
  • No ongoing commitment. No contract. Just this one call.
  • Grab your tea or coffee and let's talk! Choose 15 or 45 minutes. Click here to get started.

We decided to bring the Bistro Coaching concept to Lights On Business...

Good, fresh advice in the comfort of your own home, at fair price, and with no ongoing commitment.

Bistro coaching is perfect for Lightworkers who just need to talk to a business expert for one call.

For an introductory time, we're offering special pricing. Just choose the best option for you below and let's get started!

15 minutes for $57


45 Minutes for $147