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Ninja Niche

Which of These 5 Niche Types Are You Using?

Only One of Them Works Well for Energy Workers,

Lightworkers and Related Coaches 

If your messaging and approach include some of these niche mistakes, these are likely costing you in serving more, well-suited clients. Yikes! Let's fix this and get you more lightworker clients.

The big mistake many lightworkers make, without even knowing it, is selling prospects something that the clients may want second or third, but not first. If you are selling something that appeals to YOU but is NOT what your prospect is most looking for first to solve a problem, you've got a BIG disconnect! You haven't actually niched-down, you mis-niched.

5 Types of Niches often Used by Energy Healers and Lightworkers: 

  • Noble Niche
  • Nimble Niche
  • Nerdy Niche
  • Normal Niche
  • Nailed-it Niche

Only ONE of these works well for energy workers and healers.

Find out about all five and WHY one is ideal for attracting energy-aware clients. If you're using the WRONG one, it could be costing you clients!

The workshop is free. Get instant access right here.