Your Most Productive Time to Unlock Your Flame of Genius


Your Most Productive Time to Unlock Your Flame of Genius – How About Right Now

You might be thinking that the option to claim your Flame of Genius, your unique manifestation of your inner nature and fire, ends in your youth. 

Actually, not true! The New England Journal of Medicine published a study reporting that the most productive age in human life is a lot older than you might think. Now productivity is not the sole measure of whether or not a person’s Flame of Genius is engaged but is part of the picture.

Sure, athletes peak early, by 30.  The study shows, however, that the most productive years are 60-70. The second most productive, 70-80 and third most productive 50-60.

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The most productive years then are 50-80. Surprised? It’s unlikely that’s sheer physical production either. Look at these examples of expressed genius through the ages of living:

  • Nobel prize winners around 40
  • Founders of successful start-ups – 40’s
  • Ability to understand other people’s emotions – 40s and 50’s
  • Nobel prize winners – 60’s
  • CEOs of large companies – 60’s
  • Second peak in life satisfaction – 69
  • Peak wisdom 60-90
  • Religious leaders – 70’s
  • Top psychological well-being 80-85
  • Vocabulary peaks 60’s and 70’s

Now, right now is the perfect time for you to unlock your Flame of Genius, whether 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. Watch this webinar to find out more about how the guru’s have it all wrong about getting started. We’ll bring you a new webinar soon with more about the secrets of change to unlocking your own, unique Flame of Genius.