You Can’t Tell Your Clients This


Linear Marketing is Dead – Here’s What You Need Instead

The days of the marketing “you have a pain —> we have a one size fits all solution” are over.

In our private coaching group, we covered new research by Accenture (a global information services company) showing that consumers now seem to have contradictory needs.

For example: 

  • They want to be self-reliant, yet they want someone to help them.
  • They want to change the world but on their own terms.
  • They want to follow their values in their work but not at the expense of value.

Almost every Lightworker could use more clients, right? So, now what?

Lightworker entrepreneurs can’t afford to follow a client finding model based upon: “here’s the pain. here is how I solve that pain”.  10 Million other Lightworkers are already saying that. 

Lightworkers need to take into account what their clients and prospective clients are saying now.

How can you be different than so much of the marketing out there? Here are several tips:

  • Step forward into Life Centered Marketing step away from Product Centered Marketing.
  • Embrace your clients’ urge to trust themselves and become more self-reliant as they then open up to receiving support.
  • Offer more than a single, service option.
  • And most of all, show them you can go with them as they grow.

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