You Can’t Tell Your Clients This

You Must Know, You Can't Tell Your Clients This

You're the expert.

You're the coach or service provider.

You know what your clients need.

However, there is one thing you can't tell them, at least not at first.

They often come to you with an issue in mind, a pain or a problem.

After meeting them, you realize the the root of the issue does not lie in directly solving the issue.

Let's say their issue is that they want more clients so they want you to fix their funnel.  You realize that no matter how juicy you make their funnel, it won't attract the clients they seek until they do something else.

The changes to their processes won't be very effective until they do that something else.

You know that the core change they need to make is on the inside, but you can't tell them that until they see it themselves.

Step by step....

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