Lightworkers, Would You Hire Yourself?


Lightworkers, Would You Hire Yourself?

As lightworkers, we’re here to serve others, and yes, to be fairly compensated for the value we offer.

But, we can get our heads into a knot as to exactly how we tell others about what we do, right?

It seems every week, our inboxes are deluged with bright, shiny, new program systems from this guru or that. In a nutshell, they are compelling us to change what we offer to their way.

Here at Lights On Business, we’re thinking this often leads to disappoint rather than successful outcomes. Have you ever been disappointed trying the latest shiny object? We’re going to show you the myths about changing what you do in this upcoming webinar.

It doesn’t start with changing what you do. Pivot for Successful Change starts with your finding your Flame of Genius. That’s what your clients yearn to feel from lightworkers.

So as a reflection exercise, how about giving yourself the offer as you would to a prospective client?

If you look in the mirror, would you hire what you see?  And for many, that latest shiny object just doesn’t sit well in the authenticity department. The people we talk to feel that and it’s not inviting to sensitive people is it?

The litmus test is: would hire yourself first, before expecting a client to hire you?

The journey as a lightworker is to find your Flame of Genius so that you would hire yourself before expecting anyone else to.  It’s very possible to do.  We’ll be talking about that in the Pivot of Genius Webinar coming soon. Hope you’ll Click above to Find Out More.