Wondering How to Use 5-Minute Client Finder? Demo Here


Most Lightworkers would love to manifest another client, or two or three, right?

How Would You Like to Spot Which Area of Your Client Process Needs More Attention in just 5 Minutes?

This brand new tool is coming soon right here!

I’ll walk you through how to tell WHERE you need to focus in order to strengthen your client journey process and build your business.

Growing your Lightworker business can seem overwhelming and confusing.  There can be a lot of moving parts!

You may know that a prospective client moves through a journey of overlapping  steps from just running across you to getting to know you to engaging to becoming a customer and then a raving fan!

The trouble is, we tend to put our energy into the steps that we like the best, even if those aren’t the steps really needing attention.

I know you are already busy.

How about just 5 minutes to know where to focus and get the most bang for your time buck?

I’m polishing up a tool to help you do just that.

Coming soon right here!