Wondering How to Use 5-Minute Client Finder? Demo Here

Wondering How to Use the 5-Minute Client finder Tool? FREE DEMO

Finding Lightworker Clients shouldn't be so hard!

I developed a tool anyone can use to spot WHERE to look for clients, all in 5 minutes or less! We call it the 5-Minute Client Finder!

How is this possible?  We boil down the client journey to 5, natural and organic stepping stones that feel authentic.

Inside this free workshop, we demo how to use our 5-Minute Client Finder Tool.

You can follow along in the video as we layout the 5 steps and how to tell which one you need to focus on next to find clients. You can absolutely do this in 5 minutes.

Once you sign up for the 30-Minute workshop, we'll alsoget you the 5-Minute Client Finder tool so you can follow along.