Why You’re Not Getting a Black Friday Deal From Us


You’re Getting Something Better 

If you’re wondering if right now is the best time to join our Flame of Genius Business Accelerator Program, you may be asking: “What kind of Black Friday sale is Lights On Business offering this year?”Well, allow me to answer that question for you. We don’t offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday or Whatever Day discounts. We rarely offer sales except when launching a brand new course or program.We do Up-Loads instead. We add value to what we’re offering. We increase the value and often without raising the price.Why not do sales when everyone else is? There are several main reasons:

1. We’re not cookie-cutter coaches who follow what everyone else is doing. We’re here to custom tailor a plan that fits the unique you. We’re here to show others how to be Lightworker Leaders, not followers.

2. Our programs, courses workshops and content don’t lose value over time. In fact, since we’re regularly adding new content, our program value increases over time.

3. Seasonal discounts aren’t fair to our existing clients who enrolled at the regular price. We remain consistent with our pricing even while other businesses are rushing about to come up with special offers for seasonal sales only to resume higher prices immediately after.

Here’s a thought: those businesses who offer deep discounts for seasonal sales and then return to higher prices the rest of the time are turning a profit.  Makes you wonder if they are over-charging all the other days of the year doesn’t it.

“At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back.”

What We Do Instead

1. We Up-Load. We add content regularly to lead by increasing value. Take a look at our member content portal: Success From Source and you’ll see just how much we make available.

In fact, we just Up-Loaded a new workshop, The Genius Within. It’s free as a new workshop. It will join the premium content available solely in our Flame of Genius Business Accelerator Group.

2. Our program prices are already a bargain.  No-one else is offering this extensive content along with the  unprecedented, live and private access that we do.

In fact, you’re welcome to check out the content our members get access to right now:  The Success From Source member content portal is right HERE. You’ll see what I mean about offering extensive content.

Success From Source Member Portal

3. We let everyone know well in advance if we need to raise our program prices. Often, we’re able to grandfather in the prices for our existing members so their prices don’t go up.

So if you’ve been waiting for a Black Friday deal from us, here’s what you should know…you’re already getting the best, value up-load at the lowest possible investment every day from us.So please don’t wait to get started building a Lightworker Business you love.