Why Real Change Fails So Often – Is It Time to Pivot Instead?

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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FighWhy Change Usually FAILS 70% of the time, and what to do about it.

There is an entire field of study dedicated to change called Change Management. These folks ought to know about fundamental and deep change, right?

What’s the research about results show? (groundbreaking book by Ron D. Carlson “Why Change Fails 70% of the Time”)

  • Research by John Kotter in 1996 showed change initiatives failed at a rate of 70%
  • A study in 2008 commissioned by McKinsey & Company showed change still failing 70% of the time
  • A study by IBM echoed the same dismal results.
  • In 2013, the prestigious journal Harvard Business Review concluded that most studies “still show a 60-70% failure rate”.

If the experts are having this much trouble, is it any wonder the rest of us are? Change, real change, change that works for life IS possible when the key steps in the science of change are followed. The problem has been skipping steps and starting from the WRONG place.

There are THREE Steps or Keys to making spirited change. We call that “a pivot”. Skip a step, the change doesn’t work. You become briefly inspired to be brilliant and then it fades. Just envisioning change by itself doesn’t work. Has this happened to you? It has to many lightworkers with businesses.

Sadly, the guru’s aren’t talking about the steps that work. They make it sound easy-peasy if you just use their latest program. (Not the last one they sold, but the brand new one) I know, I’ve been there. I bought the latest thing and became disillusioned when the results didn’t met my expectations. You too?

I revealed all of this in my ground-breaking book “Why Change Fails 70% of the Time”. We’re taking it a step further. We’re now showing energy-workers like you how to do a real, pivot change in our webinar “Flame from Genius” Pivot Webinar.

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