What You Think Is Impossible Isn’t… And We’ll Prove It


We aren’t out here talking formulas.We recently told you how we don’t do fear.We also don’t do fluff.We’re here doing the manifesting that we help you do. We do what we talk about.We hear from people, “It’s just not possible during COVID….”

Not true. 

Here at Lights On Business, we’re enrolling clients.”But, I’m not in my 20’s and manifesting seems so hard…” The Lights On Business team aren’t newbies either, and we’re having a great year.

“Ok, but what’s possible now?”And besides enrolling new clients during this time, both of us manifested temporary side gigs during COVID. Yup. Why? To continue confirming to our guidance that “yes” we invite manifesting and it works and “yes” we can. And this works for you too, with some direction.We are walking what we talk. We’re manifesting clients, revenue, and opportunity without sacrificing our integrity.I’ll add this. To any of you feeling it’s too late now for you, I turned 69 this summer.

And we’re adding clients during this time. And we added part-time temporary side gigs to keep the manifesting mojo flowing.If I can add a short-term, part-time gig at 69, how much can you actually do?

We did.It’s not too late.It’s not impossible.We’re here when you’re ready.Just remember, we don’t do fluff.