What Kind of Golf Style Describes Your Business?

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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What Kind 0f Golf Style Describes Your Business?

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Whether you are a golfer or not, you may find it useful to reflect on how you view your business using golf as an analogy. Then reflect on how your business “golf style” is serving you. What areas of your business could use more support?

~1 Are you going for a hole-in-one? Are you trying to win it all on one, big shot? Going for the big win?

~2 Do you handicap yourself? Do you make your business harder than it needs be?

~3 Are you in it for the long game, all 18 holes? Or, perhaps hit and miss? Do you have good engagement with some aspects of business but are skipping others?

~4 How do you handle landing in the sand trap? Every business “goes into the ditch” sometimes. Do you accept that as part of business? Do you keep practicing on what could use improvement without feeling daunted?

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~5 Do you feel the encouragement of having a team in your business? Do you feel that you and your coach and clients are a team or does your business feel more like a solo enterprise?

~6 Do you feel you need to win every time? Is it tough to accept that not every step is a “hole in one”?

~7 Do you enjoy it? Or is your business too hard, take too much time or need too much tech?

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