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What Do You Do: Sell or Solve?

Marketing your conscious business need not feel sleazy like you're shoving something down people's throats.

It also does not mean you have to shout "buy, Buy, BUY".

Yes, you need to tell people about what you offer, but without yelling at them.

How about Meaningful Marketing instead.

How about showing people problems that you solve. 

You want them to feel inspired about the transformation that working with you brings.

I can't name one client who actually wants to experience "being sold to right out of the gate".  They want to first feel they can connect with you. They want to feel your passion, your authenticity.  They want to feel you coming out from your Flame of Genius. They want to see that you are on a Genius Journey that is authentic to them.

Solving more than selling is a large aspect in building a business that you love and it loves you back.

We actually did a workshop exposing the guru myths about changing your business into one you love.

Does solving more than selling feel closer to your passion to be in business? Maybe it's time to pivot.

Watch our f-r-e-e Flame of Genius webinar to learn  about pivoting for successful change.