We're Proud of Our Tribe and We're proud of You! 

As the clock inexorably ticked through midnight from the end of 2021 into 2022, many people are relieved to see the year past close.  Whew!

True, this was a year of challenges and surprises.

It is also true, that this year presented each of you with opportunities to progress. You manifested in your way more of the light and decency so needed now and we are proud to that reflect back to you.

Opportunities to manifest that you prepared for in extending your foundations to invite more of what can be in the year ahead.

We see progress and manifesting. Even though the appearances may not have been exactly what you expected, you each have manifested when you take a moment to reflect upon the year.

For some, you manifested new clients, for some, you manifested new paying gigs. You may have generated new content or new programs.  You may have found new clarity about your message, your tribe and most of all yourselves.

The naysayer would say, look, it was a horrible year and I'm not yet where I want to be.  And we'd say, during a time when millions and millions gave up, you are still moving forward and succeeding. You're still here.

Rather than celebrate that 2021 is finally over, we are celebrating how far you have progressed and how much more is possible in the New Year.

We are proud to work with you as you continue to build circumstances that you love and that love you back too.

Ron Carlson

For the Lights on Business Team

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