Want to Get Noticed by Yummy Clients Without Wearing Yourself Out Marketing?

If you feel like you're whistling in the wind as a Lightworker and not getting noticed, you're not alone!

Imagine each one of those beautiful stars in the picture is another Lightworker.

I added it up, there are now about 10 million, practicing Lightworkers worldwide.  Just like those stars, each is trying to bring a little more light into the world. That's beautiful and important work.

Part of this equation is business too and what worked a couple of years ago, isn't working now in the Lightworker Business space. You may have noticed this. It's tougher to get noticed! What was easy and inexpensive traffic prior to 2020 just isn't now.

Well, it's not your imagination. The space has become saturated with more and more people marketing to find their peeps.

Forget Avatars - You Need a Navastar

Following the common marketing advice out there, each Lightworker is competing with ALL of the other Lightworkers for clients.

And, that's about 100 million clients.

Yikes, that's 10 million people competing for the attention of 100 million clients! Now imagine each of those 10 million stars flashing more and more desperately, trying to get noticed.  And, that's a lot of the marketing that becomes  wearing and even yucky!

Now, our peeps are sensitive to energy. Desperate, grabby and noisy energy REPELS prospective clients. They aren't shopping for widgets here.

No More Rat-Race Marketing

Your star needs to speak to your yummy, next client, NOT to 100 million people.

This is marketing to just ONE person at a time.

We call it your Navastar and it points that yummy, ideal client to the unique you that you are.

No more rat-race marketing!