Want to Draw Your Clients In? This is Pure Genius

Some of your peeps have "gone quiet" haven't they. Here's what to do. It's genius. 

Does it seem harder to get anyone's attention these days?

People seem on the fence?  "I'm ready to return to life, wait, no, I'm not."

Are you wondering how to attract them back?

Have you thought about what you can do for the millions who have left their jobs already and want something better?

People are retreating for two reasons: out of fear (real or imagined) and wanting something better, something more fulfilling.

How do you reach them? I'd like to tell you how.

"At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back."

Let me first tell you what isn't working for these genuine searchers.

  • Gimmicks and bright, shiny objects
  • Latest fads
  • Unrealistic expectations

Yes, you might get a client for a while but then they move on when they realize what you are offering is missing what they most deeply and profoundly want.

Your tribe aren't flash in the pan types are they. They want something else FIRST. 

 Something else besides gimmicks, fads and unrealistic expectations.

They want to feel they can connect to a person who is genuinely inspired, connected and on fire doing what they themselves want to be doing. That's YOU.

They want to see and feel your Flame of Genius.  They want to engage with you and say "YES, THAT, I WANT THAT". Feeling that is absolutely compelling and authentic. They want to say YES.

They want to feel that they too can fall in love with living again. Show them how.

And how do you show them that?

By stepping into your own Genius Within!

Watch the workshop. The exercises are short and fun. You'll see. It's what is calling you too.

Who doesn't want to make with work lesss hard and take less time, right.

Pure genius. Show them that. 
This is what we do.