Wake Up Your Inner Greatness

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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Wake Up Your Inner Greatness

Working harder isn’t the magic pill solution to everything. Working should be an extension of your Flame of Genius brilliantly showing your inspiration, your genius and your energetic service.

Pivoting your business doesn’t start with changing what you do. It starts with why you want to do it. Just changing what you do is almost guaranteed to feel like working harder for little result. You need to identify your Flame of Genius to wake up your inner greatness.

Having more money isn’t so much about changing the way you work as it is changing the way you think. You have the ability to make as much money as you want. Having more money or being more successful starts with examining the inner mindsets that govern behavior and attitude. Changing mindsets often needs outside assistance such as a coach or mentor.

There is a direct correlation between your mindset and how much money you make. In other words, the way you think about money has a real and direct influence on how much money you actually make. Your money mindset can either catapult you to wealth or keep you in poverty.

This is why most people never reach the level of success they truly want. They don’t have an effective mindset about achieving success, connecting with their passion and gaining wealth. They aren’t aligned to their “north star” and they aren’t getting the support to guide the way. They’re trapped where they are and don’t know how to change.

Does this describe you? Not reaching your full potential? Not financially free? Not truly happy? Asleep at the wheel?

It may be time to consider getting an experienced coach to guide the way.

Ron D. Carlson

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