Top 6 Excuses Limiting Your Lightworker Genius Journey

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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Top 6 Excuses Limiting Your Lightworker Genius Journey Success

Lots of people want a really fit body, but not so many want to diet and workout. Being successful in your Lightworker Genius Journey isn’t automatic. It requires concentrated effort, knowing support and action.

Many of us have a series of excuses that we can pull out of a hat at a moment’s notice. There’s always one that seems to fit the bill perfectly. This is done largely to protect ourselves and to justify our current circumstances. The results? We don’t take the action we deep down know we ought to. At Lights On Business, we help breakthrough mindset blocks like these every day.

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Are any of these excuses holding you back from your Lightworker Genius Journey?

1. “I don’t know how.” This common excuse gives you permission to not even try. However, this excuse simply doesn’t hold water. At no time in the history of mankind has there been so much information available. Want to start a charity? There are hundreds of books on the subject. Need to lose weight? There are resources available to support you.

  • One of the best ways to figure out how to do something is to find a qualified mentor. Another effective option is to simply try and then adjust your approach based on your results.

2. “I’m afraid.” This is perhaps the most socially acceptable answer. Who hasn’t been afraid? But there is very little to legitimately fear in our modern times. In most circumstances, you’re not in danger of being eaten by a lion or falling off a cliff.

  • Most of our fears are socially based and have no real consequences. Being afraid isn’t a valid excuse 99% of the time.
  • Would you rather be successful or protect your ego?

3. “I don’t have time.” Actually, nearly all of us waste time on activities that provide no real value, including watching TV, internet surfing, and a host of other time wasters.

  • You know in your heart you could make the time for something that was truly important to you.

4. “I don’t have enough money.” This is another common excuse, but there is usually a way to work around a lack of financial resources. For example, if you’d like to learn to play the piano but can’t afford one, you could:

  • Find a free piano on Craigslist
  • Pick up an inexpensive digital piano in a pawnshop
  • Ask a local church or school to use their piano after hours
  • Locate a piano you can use at your local college

5. “It’s too late for me.” It’s too late? A person climbed Mount Everest in his 80’s. People have gone back to medical school in their 60’s. What would you like to do?

  • Getting a late start might be less convenient and more challenging, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It means that you’ll only take on the challenges that are really important to you. That could be a good thing.
  • To be fair, there are a few things that require an earlier start than others. You’re not likely to play in the NBA if you take up basketball in your 30’s. But you could be a coach or work in the front office.

6. “It’s too hard.” Some endeavors are certainly more competitive than others. But claiming that something is “too hard” is really just another way of admitting that you’re afraid.

  • The truth is that people with limited resources and talent can still be extremely successful.
  • We tend to imagine the competition is much tougher than it really is. The average person doesn’t have a lot of control over himself. He’s not truly committed. Those with passion and stamina are really the ones who succeed.

People that are successful on a regular basis tend to have the fewest excuses. Those with excuses are able to justify not taking action. However, no action equals getting more of the same, unsatisfying results. Is it time to put aside the excuses and go after what you truly want?

Here at Lights On Business, we help people every day who have a Lightworker Business that is “too hard”, takes” too much time” and is “too complicated” in tech. We show them how it doesn’t have to be that way and they love the results.

So much online advice is really based on we call guru myths. Watch our Flame of Genius Webinar to find out more about getting started from the right place.

Ron D. Carlson

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