The Real A.I. We Ought to be Talking About


It seems almost every time we turn around, someone else is talking about a “must-have” artificial intelligence feature or A.I.

How did we ever manage as Lightworkers all this time?  Actually, just fine, thank you.

Take this recent headline from CNN:  “42% of CEOs say A.I. could destroy humanity in five to ten years”.  

The possibility that computer processes could threaten humanity sounds alarming on face value, especially if that feeds into a background fear already pulsing about humanity degrading on multiple fronts.

Whether that spurs contemplation or not for you, I want to steer this conversation more toward the real A.I. and leave considerations about humanity for another day.

I quoted the CNN piece as another reminder of how often we are now being bombarded about A.I. And this A.I., I consider to be FALSE A.I.  To my mind, Artificial Intelligence is NOT the A.I. that we as Lightworkers ought to be talking about.


As Lightworkers, what our clients depend upon us for, what attracts new clients to us is Lightworker A.I..

It’s Aura Intelligence.  This is the Actual Intelligence: Connected, authentic, joined to guidance, passionate and intuitive.

Whether or not you as a Lightworker choose to use the computer version of A.I. to assist in your work, I invite you to check in your how connected you are daily to your Aura Intelligence. Not as an after thought, but as part of the connected energy of your life.

Your work, your fulfillment as a change agent, your Lightworker Business, your passionate fulfillment about joyously living and being in life all depend upon it.

This is the real A.I. that your life depends upon.

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