The Power of the Hero Journey in Business

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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The Power of Stories – The Hero Journey

While our clients come to us with what they want, usually an issue or pain they want to go away, we know that what they need is to be connected to energy, passion and perception.

Stories are the most powerful way to inspire, persuade, engage, and connect with both sides of our clients: left and right, linear and wholistic, yin and yang, masculine and feminine.Stories are the best way to connect with your audience and move them from stranger to prospect to customer to a loyal follower.

We remember people and make connections much more easily when information is connected to a story, especially when we feel two things: we can see ourselves in the picture we feel the magic of life in it.

Stories are the primary way that we teach, inform, and entertain each other.

The brain interprets imagined scenarios the same exact way it would interpret real scenarios so stories can be an excellent means of “showing them that they too can see themselves doing this.”

A classic form of story is called the Hero Journey. The outline of the hero’s journey has been around for over a millennium.

Joseph Campbell popularized the format into a three act play:

Departure – The Hero leaves the world as they knew it

Initiation – the Hero enters a world of trials and tests to become initiated into being a champion.

Return – the hero returns in triumph

A typical Hero Journey Story follows a format with steps like these:

1. Ordinary World – we meet the hero whom we can relate to

2. Call to Adventure – they are stuggling, want to change

3. Refuse the Calling – they are stuck about how to change

4. Meeting the Mentor – they meet a teacher

5. Crossing the Threshold – here they leave their comfort zone

6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies – they make new friends and support, but blocks arise too

7. Approach to Confrontation of Self – they are getting close to realizing the mindset work ahead

8. The Ordeal – biggest test they have faced to date

9. Reward, Seizing the Sword – believing they have power and seizing the first rewards from their efforts

10. The Road Back – they are finding that there is more to do, build and overcome

11.Resurrection – they meed a big and confirming test with a significant breakthrough confirmation

12. Return with Elixir – they return with triumphant homecoming having moved on.

There are countless examples of stories that follow this general format:

•Star Wars

•The Lord of the Rings

•Harry Potter

•The Hunger Games

•The Matrix


• King Arthur and Merlin

•And a whole lot more!

Here is what you need to know to avoid the common mistake Lightworkers make in creating their Hero Journey

The reason that a story like the Hero Journey is important to your business is that being able to show a prospect that someone just like them, with the same problems, was able to overcome and conquer their obstacles is a powerful persuasive tactic. It is vital that the obstacles and struggles in the story you tell are relatable to your clients. They need to say “Yes, that’s exactly what I struggle with!”

The one and only hero for your story is your customer. This is THEIR journey, their story. You’re the wise mentor: The Yoda, the Obi-Wan, the Gandalf to your hero, the customer. It’s a mistake to make the story too personal about you!

The point of telling a Hero Journey story is to help convey to your prospects and clients that you understand their issues and pains and have overcome them. To convey that you are the wise and capable mentor who can help them to overcome them too.

Have fun writing your own Hero Journey story.

Ron D. Carlson

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