The One Word Your Messaging is Missing

One Word Short of Connecting

When you listen to the economic news on a national basis, it sounds pretty good.  Unemployment is down, inflation is coming down, people are going back to work.  But, many people are saying they are unhappy. Why? 

Hint, it's one word that begins with "M".

And, understanding this can make a huge difference in whether or not you really connect as a Lightworker with new clients.

We've talked about mounting evidence since the Great Resignation or Great Realization that large numbers of people are unhappy with their work. But there is now even more evidence that something deeper is happening.

Take at look at these indications: 

  • 70% of Americans are unhappy with their work *
  • while 73% of people say their own finances are pretty good. **
  • 3/4 are planning to look for a new job this year *
  • 90% of Americans say they would give up 1/4 of their life earnings for more meaningful work *

                    * Bruce Feiler, author of The Search          ** Bureau of Labor Statistics

Many initially thought, the dissatisfaction was just about money.   But, these indications show people are dissatisfied about their work but feel ok about the money. In fact, many would give up some money for more meaning.  

And now, people are saying that their "work", is not just their " money job". Their work is a much broader slice of their life including: family, friends, community, volunteering, personal development, projects and job.                                                           

What’s really going on here and how does this impact your lightworker business? It starts with acknowledging that we are in the connection business. 

What a Lightworker needs to do with a prospective client is show them that we can help resolve their perceived issue.  We call this issue The Clients Pain. We need to connect to the Client's Pain.

We know that what Clients think they need is often NOT actually sufficient in order to be successful.

"My knee hurts. Fix my knee pain."  Ok, we know that even if we do, unless we can address the underlying cause, the pain likely comes back, right.  The client's perception of what their pain is, is incomplete.  

The above indications are pointing to our Clients' Hidden Pain. The unspoken pain behind their unhappiness. As Lightworkers, we need to connect to their Hidden Pain too.

Remember I said there is ONE word missing from your messaging?  It begins with "M" and it's not Money.

The Hidden Pain, the missing word is Meaning. This is what our clients are increasingly urgent about finding more of in their life. 

As change agents who deal in realms where things are interconnected, we must connect our work into the life importances of our clients.   Take the "knee pain" example. Fixing the "knee pain" also means that person can more fully engage with what is important to them: family, friends, community, volunteering, personal development, projects and job.  

 We must draw our client consciously into realizing how much impact fixing BOTH their perceived pain AND their Hidden Pain will bring.  They need to feel that we can help them connect with greater meaning in their life.

They may not realize this consciously, but they need to feel the energy of the Meaning to connect with us and become a happy client.

This is what we show out clients how to do here at Lights On Business.  Appreciating Client Messaging and the Client Ladder are vital elements to reach more clients. We'll show you how you too can use the "5 Minute Business Builder" to spot where put more focus to grow your business.  

If you can free up 5 Minutes, you can spot where to put some more attention that will bring you more clients. Who's ready for that?