The Mystery of the Unknown Excites Me

The Mystery of the Unknown Excites Me

There is something appealing about not knowing what the future holds. I expect that it holds great adventures for me. I put all doubt behind me and walk into everything with positive expectation.

The safety of doing things that I am comfortable with limits my creativity. It makes me less willing to think outside the box because I lack the motivation to do something new.

Having a dynamic job is appealing to me because it allows me to take a fresh approach to work each day. Each daily mission requires me to use different facets of my intellect. It is wonderful to learn about untapped strengths and abilities that I possess.

Unknown places are also exciting. When I decide to move, I anticipate the opportunities to learn new things..

Having that experience is humbling and teaches me more about the human spirit. I believe that there is untapped knowledge all around me. I am inspired to learn something new each chance I get.

When I am required to figure out a new reality, I put nervousness behind me. Each experience is exactly what I choose to make it.

My choice each day is to make the most out of each opportunity I get.

Today, living for mystery means living for fulfilment. I am happy for the chance to explore new things and meet new people. That is where the value of life is discovered.

Self-Reflection Questions:

How do I prepare myself to tackle any challenge that comes my way?

How do I know when it is time to change my environment?

How do I adjust when the excitement of my current situation starts to fade?