The Lightworker’s Profound Gift of Grief

Hello Lightworker,

Perhaps you find yourself upside down in the tumult of losing a friend whose time to pass has come.

You may feel as though every fiber in you is being stretched, even rent in this real experience of grief.

Yet, there is too, more tomorrow than may be visible today for the uniqueness that you are to appear, but this message is not primarily of that.

Rather, this speaks from your tomorrow source to the gift of grief you now offer your beloved friend today. 

The gift of the love and caring for your friend that is beneath and behind the grief.

The gift of loving and light sent to them to bolster their next steps into what they do next. This lessens not the pain of giving the gift of support to them. That is real in now.  

Perhaps, there is higher solace in knowing there is a purpose beyond us in the giving and then in the receiving of the honor of the gift we offered.  

And in finding, in our local time, that all matters between us may come clear and bright as though the slate is wiped clean again.  Not forgotten, for we remember always their positive light. 

May we come into the encouragement to again spread our wings of light ever further as we see more clearly what calls.

The Lightworker's Profound Gift of Grief.