Makes Life and Business Easier to Handle


Ron and Lights On Business are helping me to settle and find a pace. Everything is moving so fast that the pacing of things is actually part of the well-being. I feel more secure and stable inside, and it makes life and business easier to handle.

Beth Simpson -

Helped Me Change, Accomplish, and Learn


Before I began working with Ron and the LOB team, I wasn’t sure where I was headed in any area of my life. Everything was falling apart, and I’d already invested thousands in other coaches and programs with no results but losing money. Financially we were struggling and close to losing our home. I wasn’t working consistently or connecting with my tribe, and none of my personal or professional relationships were doing well. I was continually self-sabotaging and overindulging. Spiritually I had no idea how to work with my energy or that of those around me. I hadn’t been able to connect with my intuition, and although I’d been able to manifest some, it wasn’t consistent nor always in my highest good. I had clients in my business that weren’t paying, and I wasn’t connecting with people that I could work with. My personal relationships were broken. I consistently self-sabotaged, gave up my power, and had no boundaries. I was stuck in every area of my life. I’d reached the point I’d given up and felt stuck in every way, and never made self-care a priority.

First and for most, the level of support and customizing to fit my needs, goals, and where I am from moment to moment, assisting with working through crisis and challenges that arise but in a way that never feels overwhelming or more than I could do. The fact is, it truly is a program that covers every area of life (business, family, health, finances, spirituality), energy, physical, emotional, and everything in between. I have worked with a couple of other coaches in the past and was part of an expensive group program. None of that did anything that actually helped m. All it did was help my self-confidence drop more, my anxiety go up, increase my self-sabotaging behavior and take more of my money.

When I started working with Ron and the LOB team, I truly started to grow and get the support that covered all areas of my life. Their program is completely different from anything else out there. The support covers all areas of life. It also includes energetic work, group, and individual coaching, and the work comes in a way that doesn’t feel hard but still pushes outside my comfort zone, and changes and growth start immediately. I learned how to manifest! A $75k gig, then a $40k one, then other potential clients coming to me. I successfully worked through the challenge of handling my late-paying clients that owed large amounts. My confidence has skyrocketed, and I have consistently manifested a number of things other than just financial. I learned to create boundaries, make self-care a priority. I learned to quit apologizing constantly and to accept failure and learn the lessons and grow from it. My personal and professional relationships have improved. I have learned grace and letting go, and I’ve begun to feel and use my intuition and begun to tap into working with energy and how to manage mine and that of those around me. They’ve helped me to not only learn to accept help but also to ask for it when I need it. They hold me accountable and keep me motivated and my energy up.

I truly am in a completely different place than I was before I started my work with them. It’s a night and day difference! I almost gave up on ever being able to turn things around, and then I found them, and I felt a connection that told me I needed this program. I found the support and program that would help me grow and succeed, learn and change, and set and accomplish my goals -- a program that covered all areas of my life.

After trying so many other things and never being able to change my life, it was apparent it was because I wasn’t addressing all areas of it, nor did I have the support, tools & coaching for all areas and someone to hold me accountable and push me in a way that didn’t make me give up or feel overwhelmed. I was able to address, acknowledge and change an addiction, learn consistency, gratitude, better communication, begin attracting the right clients, and let go of things that are not in my highest good.

Pretty much, my life has become the opposite of where I used to be. I still have many things to work on and changes I want to make, but for the first time in a couple of years, I’ve felt peace, happiness, joy, and abundance. My family has benefited energetically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ron and the LOB team truly care, and they’re honest and straightforward and customize to not only my goals and needs but adjust as life happens and things change and challenge me. I’ve never felt alone, and even though there have been times they’ve had to press me out of my comfort zone and give me a boot in the pants, it’s done in a gentle, kind, and loving way. They’ve been able to brainstorm with me and help me discover more about what my desires are and what truly makes me happy, and then give me the steps to take and then adjust as needed.

I love that I am able to have support and coaching not only for my business and finances, but also health, energy, spiritually, relationships, and family, and my family has also benefited from it not just from the changes in me but the work they’ve done in connecting with my family energetically. They’ve been available to help me during emergencies and do work energetically.

There is not a more comprehensive program out there, nor the level of support, and customizable to you. This program truly offers you the support and tools to make the changes you desire and the ones you don’t see too! This program is affordable and covers every part of your life. If you do the work and your ready to enjoy life, find freedom, joy, and abundance, you will with this program. I tried to do it on my own, and it just wasn’t possible. No, they’re amazing, and I can’t see anything that could have or should have been done differently. I’m so very grateful to Ron and Lights On Business for this program and everything they’ve helped me change, accomplish, and learn. I am continuing my work with them and know that the coaching, energetic work, support, and tools have been why I have achieved and will continue to achieve the growth and success daily.

Kristin Bensch

Helped Me Give Myself Permission


Ron and Lights On Business helped me give myself permission -- really for the first time in my life -- to stop saying, "What do I need to do for everyone else" and discover "My why's of doing for me."

They assisted me in an area that doesn't come naturally to me, encouraging me not to overthink and bring things down to the basics.

I never thought I had a business mind, and Ron showed me that I do. My son, who works in business management, picked right up on my change in language. "You're talking like a business person, Mom, and you never did before. What happened?" I told him about Lights on Business and how unique and effective their approach is.

My son said, "I'm sorry you didn't find them earlier. The things you're saying now about what you're learning are exactly the skills the most competent people in business have that I work with."

Thank you, Ron and Lights On Business, for offering a business coaching program that works with my energy and style. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and I know others will too!

Kathleen Wells Erickson

Shift Toward Optimism and Hope


I was struggling with having no clear cut meaning or direction for my personal and professional lives. The personal connection with Ron and the LOB team left me feeling hopeful after our first connection.

Ron and the LOB team are genuine in their work and give their energies to each person they work with In equal measure. After a couple of months of hard work on everyone's part, I began to feel hopeful and my life began to shift toward optimism and hope. Gaining insight into the areas of my life that needed a bright light to shine on them and the belief I could feel better made me very happy with my work with Ron and Lights On Business.

The ability to see beyond today and believing in oneself and tomorrow are two reasons I would gladly recommend Ron and Lights On Business. And they are fun to work with.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Universe for the opportunity to connect with Ron and the LOB team.

Carole Ann Kaplan - Educator

Success is Within My Potential


I received a multitude of insights, encouragement, excellent counsel, multiple levels of tools, and practical advice. I am in awe that the experience of success is within my potential rather than being fearful that failure will prevent it. With great gratitude.

Maria Katerie.

Feed My Passion


I felt empowered to entertain new ideas and explore changes that I have always wanted to create for myself but never felt like I had the strength or experience to do! Now I am spending more time loving myself and more time making other changes to grow in the directions that are needed to feed my passion.

Gina B.

I Learned So Much!!


What an amazing workshop you did recently. I learned so much!!

Carole K.

Aligning With the Service I Am Here to Give


Thank you!. It brings shivers and deep gratitude when I think of aligning my mind & language with the service I am here to give.

Linda L.