Test Your Elevator Pitch – This Missing Ingredient Costs You Clients

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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If your messaging and approach include some of these niche mistakes, these are likely costing you in serving more, well-suited clients. Yikes! Let’s fix this and get you more lightworker clients.

The big mistake many lightworkers make, without even knowing it, is selling prospects something that they may want second or third, but not first. If you are selling something that appeals to YOU but is NOT what your prospect is most looking for first to solve a problem, you’ve got a BIG disconnect! You haven’t actually niched-down, you mis-niched.

Here are 3 tests you need to make today to check if mis-niche is hurting your business.

1) Overly broad When we’re afraid to miss a potential client, we can spread our message to be very broad so that we don’t miss potential business. Picking a broad coverage area, like, I am a healer, I am an energy worker, I am a coach, doesn’t work well. Why? The problem is the lack of focus means your yummiest prospects don’t notice you above all the noise. Put another way, why should they pick you? There are millions of other healers, energy workers and coaches.

If you want to be a one-size fits all practice, count on spending a LOT of money on advertising because you are literally competing with 10 million Lightworkers who are competing over 100 million clients.

Your niche simply cannot be “I can help everyone” once you get started in your practice. Yes, you probably can help loads of people. That’s not the question. The question is, can potential clients find you above the noise of all the other practitioners now crowding the marketplace. Maybe, maybe not.

2) Your niche is your professional title. This amounts to selling your specialty – You have loads of training, multiple certificates and experience. I am [insert your professional title]. Try writing out your title including all of your certifications for example, “I am a certified, 3rd level, cerebral-spinal, thoracic release adept offering subluxational adaptive techniques and locked field release.” Ok, I made that up to be ridiculous. Still, I invite you to write out all of your credentials in a single sentence. Then step back and ask, “Has a single client every asked for that?” Nope, they haven’t have they.

Thinking your professional “title” equals your niche is a mistake. They may not know what actually do and, they actually don’t want to know, not yet. They first want a problem solved. They mostly don’t want to know a lot about your years of training, credentials and modalities. Can you help them with your problem? They need to hear that within the first 30 seconds or they may keep looking, elsewhere! IF you get past the step of communicating that yes, you can help them with their problem, THEN they may ask how you do that. That’s for later.

3) Thinking Your Elevator Pitch will sell them on it’s own. You likely know the format .This is a short spiel that lasts about the time it takes for an elevator ride. Think captive audience. Not exactly an appealing proposition to begin with.

I help _______________

(what kind of person in a couple of words)

Who have/struggle with ________________

(what is their perceived issue)

To ______________________

(what do they get from you)


I help struggling entrepreneurs to find their niche focus and double their business.

While descriptive, this is hardly juicy or compelling. The next step is often if the listener says “and how do you do that” and we tell them about our methods.

Ooops. We’re likely to lose them right there.

In our next post, we’re covering

What’s the Critical Missing Piece in your Elevator Pitch?

What is the big feeling they would love to get as a result of the transformation you can bring them. How will they FEEL as a result of the transformation you provide? OK, you help them to restore movement and mobility, check. How does that FEEL? Freedom, liberation, empowering… You want to invite them into the emotion of relief.

Otherwise, after your spiel, the next step is often if the listener says “and how do you do that” and we tell them about our methods, our credentials, our experience.

We’re likely to lose them because they were NOT looking for that. They wanted a transformation from a problem.

Imagine now that your client is aware of being in a state that they want to change but don’t know how to on their own. Often, we feel we have to “prove” how qualified we are by listing our techniques almost like we need to give them our recipe for change to convince them.

This is likely NOT going to work well.

While clients factor in logical information when then consider working with you, the ultimate deciding factor is not:

Your credentials

Your explanation of how you can “fix” them

You proving that you’re an expert

The deciding factor at the point lies in their EMOTIONS. How does the prospect of working with you make them feel?

Post 2 – How to Test Your Elevator Pitch

Write down yours using the above format. Now consider the transformation that they seek and how that will FEEL.

I help struggling entrepreneurs to find their niche focus and double their business so that they fall in love with their business again and it loves them back.

Clients want a problem solved AND to FEEL GOOD about the transformation.

How would you describe the transformation you in richer language than in your elevator pitch?

Now ask, what is the big feeling they would love to get as a result of the transformation you can bring them?

Write some phrases about that.

Try capturing that into a transformation tagline. Make sure to use adjective rich, descriptive language.

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