Tame Your Tech – Download Free Tool!

Introducing "Lightworker Ten Dollar Office", Exclusively at Lights On Business.

"Ron, what software and tech do you guys recommend?".

Here, we got tired of emptying our wallets buying complicated and expensive tech that actually didn't help us or our clients with our goals. Yup, it's bright, it's shiny, it's new, it's another cost but nope, it didn't help use grow a business that we love and it loves us back.

To Tame Your Tech, you need to start by identifying what you actually need and what you don't (at least not for now).

What we've done is create an easy-peasy assessment tool to help to do just that!  You can use this to help determine which tech ingredients you actually need, and which you don't.

You can get your own copy of the Assessment Tool F-R-E-E, right here. 


I bet you began your lightworker business to extend your service, not to drown you in tech, right?  

Go ahead and download the Tech Opportunity Assessment Tool. This will show you where you have opportunities to simplify your tech!

In fact, a practitioner can set up a website with email lead capture, offers, blog and a client scheduling system for just $10 a year. That's why we nicknamed this the "The Ten Dollar Office". Taking the Assessment is the first step.

And remember, when you see recommendations online, ask yourself, are they actually using the tool themselves. We recommend what we use!

To your success,

Ron Carlson 

and the Lights On Business Team