Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Step into Your Flame of Genius

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and into Your Flame of Genius

A feeling of self-fulfillment is a result of knowing that you're living at your best, living life near the limits of your capabilities.

Many of us, however, aren't feeling that often.  The sense of being self-fulfilled eludes. The full-throated feeling of both being and working out from our core Flame of Genius is lacking much of the time.

It needn't be this way.

One obstacle often is the desire to stay comfortable. We may think we're in a groove but when stepping back, we realize more often than not, we're getting by without the glow.  We see ourselves step away from challenges that could be breakthroughs. Often, it's to stay comfortable for another minute, or two, or day....

It needn't be this way.

We only grow when we live beyond our comfort zone.  When we stretch into territories that may be new with a trust that we'll land on our feet.

Once you've unlocked your Flame of Genius Codes, everything seems in full color instead of black and white.  The hours pass like minutes. You love your business and it loves you back.

Does this involve stretching into what can be? Yes.

Does this involve pushing outside of the existing comfort zone? Yes

And does it hold the promise of claiming a life and business with much more fulfillment? Absolutely yes.  

Is it time to fall in love with living again? 

Definitely yes.

As a first step, take this fun and free quiz to find out where you are on your Lightworker Genius Journey, your journey to unlock your Flame of Genius and fall in love with living again.