You Can Stand Out Without Reducing Your Rates!

by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

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Learn What Only a Few Know About Standing Out

Breaking through the "noise" so that your prospective clients notice you is a real challenge!

The online Lightworker Business marketplace changed significantly since 2020.

There are now about 10 million Lightworkers out there competing over 100 million clients!

And most of these Lightworkers are online and networking and posting, just like you.

In fact, the data shows that many (almost half!) have felt the pressure to reduce rates or offer more free sessions just to enroll clients.

You certainly don't want to feel like you're screaming to get noticed, let alone having to cut your rates in a race to the financial bottom. Yuck. But, how can you show your prospects your unique value so they want to work with you?

In widget marketing, this is where talk turns to "What is your Unique Selling Proposition " or USP. The trouble is, that's widget marketing talk. How are you going to convince your prospects that your energy is better or unique compared to the other 9,999,999 Lightworkers? This is qualitative rather than quantitative.

And, it doesn't work well for energy-sensistive people!

Your peeps are "feelers and connectors". Trying to sell them on using you by talking up your credentials, your number of modality courses or your years of experience doesn't go far in reaching past the noise to get noticed by "feelers".

You need a different approach entirely!

You need to reach them emotionally with what they deeply wanting from you.

One word: RELIEF.

Talk about THEM instead of talking about yourself.

Convey the relief that they will feel working with you.

This becomes the Unique Value that you bring to them and their problem. RELIEF.

You can convey this in short order using my 5-Minute Value Validator so that you stand out without reducing your fees.

Ron D. Carlson

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Relief is Coming, You Deserve It

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