Set Your Game Plan for Next Year Using this Proven Program

You probably have goals that you want to achieve next year, right?  But, how can you make this round of "New Year's Resolutions" and Intentions work better than last time?

You've got the same 24 hours in a day that Bill Gates does, and a Life Vision Board helps you free up more time so you can do the things you love, like work on your business, spend time with your family, or start fulfilling your bucket list!

What's a Life Vision Board?  We found that many of our clients had experienced disappointing results pasting pictures onto their dream boards. We set out to change that!

We created a course that includes the pieces missing from typical Vision Board courses so that your likelihood of manifesting becomes much greater. From a visioning process, all the way through to action steps and accountability, it's all here.

Let us show you a way to create Life Vision Boards that actually work and that you'll actually use!

"At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back."

vision board workshop

Vision Board Workshop

This amazing online course walks you through a process to create lifestyle and business/career vision boards so you can turn your big goals and dreams into reality and start living a life you love!

If you’ve always thought that vision boards are not for you, think again!

In the 5-modules, we'll guide you through finding a vision board TYPE that works for you—some of which you may not even know exist. 

We'll also help you clarify your goals, decide on the lifestyle that suits you best, supercharge your business or career, discover the best ways to feed your spirit, keep track of your progress, and much more.

Design Your Best Year Ever with

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