White Rose of Sharon – 6″ Starter Plant



Many Rose of Sharon (althea) varieties with white flowers are technically bicolored: Most of the petal is white, but the part near the center that forms the throat is a darker color.

In the case of ‘Red Heart,’ the flower petals are white and the throat is red.  ‘Red Heart’ blooms from July into fall, with each blossom lasting just a single day. Like all rose of Sharon shrubs, deer usually avoid it. White Rose of Sharon are less common than the magenta varieties.

  • Mature Height: 8-10 ft
  • Mature Spread: 3 ft
  • Deciduous
  • Little fall leaf color
  • Blooms in summer after other plants have finished
  • Some altheas produce seedlings. It is unknown yet whether this cultivar will.
  • Tough plant, no watering needed once established.  Few pests.

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Mya is rooting cuttings now.

The intent is for 6″ rooted little shrubs to be ready for delivery for planting after first frost. If that doesn’t work out, you will receive your money back or she’ll try again for spring!


Be careful about planting trees or shrubs over or near your septic field.

Photos are of mature plants.

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