Flame Willow – 6″ Starter Plant


  • Brilliant Orange-Red Young Stems in Winter
  • Fabulous Winter Interest
  • Extremely Fast Growing
  • Shrubby Screening Plant
  • Adaptable Plant Tolerates Poor and Wet Soil Types
  • Mature Height: 15-20 ft
  • Mature Spread:  5-15 ft
  • Deciduous
  • Multi-stemmed shrub, not nearly as large as weeping willows

The orange-red new stems of Flame Willow (Salix x ‘Flame’) will light up your garden all winter. The color lasts from late fall until early spring.

This shrubby Willow acts a lot like a Red Twigged Dogwood but much taller to deliver fantastic winter interest, but it can be pruned all the way down to the ground each year in spring.

This is one tough plant! Grow in full sun to part shade with ample moisture and watch it take off.

Flame Willow is a shrubby Willow that gives you quick screening because of their fast growth. They grow many stems with fine-textured, green foliage that is lighter colored on the undersides. In the fall, the leaves turn yellow, but the real show is the orange-red color on the younger stems.

They are actually shockingly colorful in fall and winter. The stem color intensifies as the plants wake up in spring. Once the new leaves emerge, the stem color subsides to grassy green again.

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Mya is rooting cuttings now.  The intent is for 6″ rooted little shrubs to be ready for delivery to you for planting after first frost. If that doesn’t work out, you will receive your money back or she’ll try again for spring!


Photos are of mature plants in winter.

Careful not to plant willows or other plants near your septic field.

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