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[book] 21 Ways to Ignite Your Passion


Fall in Love with Living Again

Discover the Secret to Making Love to Your Life

and Your Business Daily

We realized that the other coaching programs available were missing key ingredients necessary to change and thrive as Lightworkers.

One of those missing ingredients was connecting with passion so we created this book to fill in the gap!

You help others see the light. Let us help you do the same for your lightworker business. Start by reading this book


It starts with PASSION.

It starts with deciding to be an adventurer of living, of sensing, of feeling and experiencing with NO GOAL in mind other than the experience.

It starts with simply and profoundly claiming your right to make love to your own life again any time, any place, anywhere, no matter what anybody else says.

You can live your life fully with complete awareness of the wonder around you.

You CAN:

✓ Ignite the fires of what you are truly passionate about.

✓ Fill each moment fully and rich with life.

✓ Experience your hours passing quickly as moments of joy.

✓ Reawaken your senses, get in touch with your deeper self

and discover the unique why of your purpose.

You’ll receive:

  • The 60 page, full-color book as a downloadable file
  • Light Me Up Passion Survey
  • 21 Simple, Free or Low-Cost Exercises
  • Jumpstart Your Bucket List


Ready to jump in? It’s fun and freeing!