April 30

Plan Your Message As Part of a Branding and Communication Strategy

​Design effective marketing techniques to deliver immediate and specific results.

The point is to get more clients and increase sales.

Plan thoroughly by strategizing effective actions needed to penetrate a specific target market.

Dig aggressively.

Define beforehand where to focus efforts, which social media messages to invest in and optimize a budget.

These steps determine whether a specific campaign will be successful.

Your message will create solid branding, grab the attention of customers and increase sales if done correctly with the following considerations:

#1  Diagnose

Analyze all internal and external variables of your company's communication strategy.

Ensure that it takes into account factors such as its history, mission, and values, along with its current and future business plans.

Thoroughly analyze the current size and potential market, according to the ability to deliver further and sustainable growth.

Profile clients, their habits and motivations and compare the offer with the competition - get to know who they are and how they communicate with their own customers.

Focus on the product and its results, along with price range in comparison with its competitors.

#2  Defining Targets

This definitely the most important point in creating an effective communication strategy.

This is where a little research goes a long way.

Look at the current client base to see who you are already attracting. Is it the same audience you have been targeting or do you need to adjust your target.

Include demographics, socio-economical profile, consumer profile, attitudes, and lifestyle when creating the customer profile.

The more you get to know your actual and prospective clients in detail, the better you can deliver its communication.

#3  Establishing Objectives

Make sure sales objectives and the company's strategy are clearly aligned.

Don't confuse the customers by offering one thing and saying another. No mixed messages.

Check frequently to make sure the message continues to be on target and does not deviate from the company objectives.

Only then will a crystal clear communication campaign deliver its message to market match properly.

#4  Defining Communication

It is essential to pick the right tools to implement the predefined strategy.

Tools should focus on automated distribution and followup.

Whether a business is formal or informal towards its customers, every single detail has to be considered to build trust.

Approaching them in a clear and targeted way will keep people engaging.

#5  Define Your Budget

Defining and controlling your budget is key.

Commit to an amount and watch the spend like a hawk.

You may need to tweak your message or delivery to increase engagement and results.

Only then will you be able to move into positive return on investment.

#6  Evaluate The Results

Focus on what is working and dump what's not.

Go back to the beginning frequently. Diagnose and define targets to keep refining the approach and further improve results.

A great communication strategy can transform your objectives into  more revenue.

And that's the goal of every business!

To help you with this, I wanted to tell you about a tool called the MyNAMS Profit Planners that will help you master many of these marketing techniques fast with checklists, workbooks, idea generators and training. Check it out here.

​Need help with your marketing message? Let's talk.


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