Is Pinterest Right for You?

I have a lot of readers who've been asking me for more information about whether Pinterest is a good fit for their spiritual business or healing practice. 

If this interests you, I invite you to listen to my 15-minute presentation to learn about using Pinterest as a traffic source for your website. 

You'll discover: 

  • Who is "shopping" on Pinterest, and if they are your ideal clients
  • The differences between Pinterest and Facebook and which one is a better way to reach your audience
  • An easy way to get started on Pinterest

Check it out now below.

To your success,

If you want to illuminate your lightworker practice, Ron at Lights On Business is not your typical cookie-cutter business coach. He offers an intuitive 3-part process tailor-made to help energy-aware entrepreneurs shine the light on their practices. Schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with Ron today!