How to Overcome Distractions and Become a Productive Entrepreneur


Every entrepreneur wants to be productive. It feels good to look at something tangible and say, “I created this. I made this. I did this.” To get things done.To check things off a list.To make a serious dent in your checklist. Productivity looks different to different people, but the feeling is universal. For one person, creating an incredible presentation or meeting the needs of a specific client can make them feel amazing. For another, it may mean developing a new product or coming up with a unique design. For you, it may be completely different, but you know the good feeling you get by putting in a productive day. In this article, we’re going to suggest solutions to the most common distractions that can keep you from being productive.

Distraction #1 ~ Social Media


  • Use an app like “Rescue Time” to physically limit how much you can be on social media. 
  • Delete social media apps from your phone.
  • Turn off all social media notifications.
  • Set a social media schedule and only allow yourself to use social media during the allotted times.

Distraction #2 ~ Slack, Skype, Messenger


  • Turn off all notifications on your phone.
  • Close apps and only respond to messages at pre-specified times.
  • Snooze notifications on desktop versions of the chat app.

Distraction #3 ~ Text Messages


  • Put your phone in a drawer and only take it out at specified times.
  • Disable text notifications on your phone.
  • Disable text notifications on your smartwatch and laptop.
  • Only respond to text messages during specific times of the day.

Distraction #4 ~ Phone Calls


  • Put your phone in a drawer and only take it out at specified times.
  • Respond to voicemails at the end of the day after you’ve done your most productive work.
  • Put your phone on silent mode during your focused periods.
  • Disable notifications on your smartwatch and computer.

Distraction #5 ~ People Interrupting You


  • Close your office door.
  • Put on headphones.
  • When someone asks for a minute of your time, ask if you can catch them at a later, specified time.

Productivity encourages a true sense of purpose. It offers a deep feeling of accomplishment that’s important to a happy and fulfilled life. Being productive also gives you the freedom to spend more time with the ones you love and less time worrying about the things that are left unfinished. 

Implement the above solutions to help you cut out the countless distractions that prohibit your work instead of enhancing it. At the end of the day, you can set your work aside and invest in the relationships in your life that are most meaningful. You can rest easy knowing that you gave your best effort and put in a productive and fruitful work day.