New Beginnings Excite Me – Affirmations


I love when something new comes into my life. New relationships, experiences and successes all provide a new lease on life for me. Newness brings the feeling of excitement to me and gives more meaning to my existence.

I love getting new challenges and responsibilities at work. They give me a chance to pull on my core strengths. I get the opportunity to prove myself worthy of any promotion which flashes in front of me. Starting a new project at work is like getting that second wind.

Whenever I make a long-awaited purchase, I get so excited to take it home with me. Such experiences take me back to childhood and receiving gifts at Christmas. But I am even more excited as an adult because I see my hard work paying off.

Changing the paint on the walls in my home always makes me feel like a different person. I believe that colors inspire emotion and I love the emotions that run through me when I give my home a fresh coat of paint.

Today, I look forward to having something new come into my life so I can relive that excitement all over again.

I look forward to starting a new chapter of my life with each new beginning. I love the feeling of starting anew!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I usually share my excitement with my loved ones?
2. Is there ever a time when I look back and wish for my old life to replace my new life?
3. How can I make the most of changes in my life?