My Mind is Open for Business


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My mind is open for business

I find the analogy of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon very inspiring to a lightworker’s journey. We make transformation after transformation and offer transformations to our clients.

Here are some affirmations about having a mind that is open for business, being ready to emerge as a butterfly.


I see that it is time to come out of my cocoon and fly like a butterfly. I am ready to step into my genius – and a new business mindset.I am grateful that my mind is open, period. I can take in so much more information, now that I am open to all channels.I am grateful that businesses are starting to come alive again after the recent pandemic shutdowns.I am happy that people are starting to come together again.After a year of focusing on personal growth, I am awake and aware of the pulse of business. I feel that I can start being successful on a whole new level.

I feel I am supported.   I recognize that people are now ready to receive what I have to offer. I see that now is my time to shine. I am grateful that people see my value and worth now.

With the world opening up again, this creates a whole new market for me. I am ready to update my marketing plan.I am creative and flexible. I am a better businessperson now.Today, I feel the excitement and new opportunities waiting for me. I am ready to bring a new business into this new world. I look forward to making a great impact on the world now that my mind is open for business.Self-Reflection Questions:1. What are the changes that I need to make in my business model now?

2. Is this a good time to consider business support?

3. How can I shift my plan to fit with the new world?

  4. How can I make a positive impact on the world?