My Business Attracts My Ideal Clients – Affirmations

Here at Lights On Business, we help Conscious Entrepreneurs build a business that they love AND it loves them back.  One aspect of that is providing ongoing energy support. We know that lightworkers tend to be givers and can readily run their batteries down. Here are affirmations about Attracting Ideal Clients to help you recharge and replenish!

My business attracts my ideal clients - Affirmations

I work with my ideal clients to achieve their goals and fulfill my destiny. My business naturally attracts the best people. I gain success with each new client I find. I learn new things and try new ideas with each project.

I have an ideal client profile in my mind that becomes reality.

I create the right marketing solutions to attract my customers. I focus on their needs and what they want to achieve. However, I stay aware of my capabilities and what I can offer.

"At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back."

I know my value and how I can help my clients.

I understand how to find the answers to their challenges. I know which resources or tools are right for them.

I radiate confidence in front of my clients. I promote my business, brand, and ideas to others. I network to reach new people and companies.

I build my brand with a clear goal in mind.

I understand how to make clear messages that attract clients. I relate to my clients, so they feel safe and trust me.

Customers and clients keep knocking on my door.

Today, I attract my ideal clients to my business. I ensure my business vision aligns with my values and their dreams. I know that my work matters to them. I am happy to help them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I ensure my ideal clients can find my business?
  2. How can I focus on the clients that value my work?
  3. What can I do to expand my skills, so my clients can better see my value?

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