Master Your Emotional IQ to Master Your Thoughts

If your emotional intelligence is less than it could be, you don’t have as much control over your thoughts and emotions as you could. Those with high levels of emotional intelligence have a higher degree of mastery over themselves and enjoy more success. Self-awareness, self-regulation, and motivation are keys to the self-mastery castle.

Emotional and Intuitional IQ run through our coaching work. Answer these questions to gain a better perspective of how to master your thoughts and emotions:

1) What are my top five values? Am I currently living by these values? Do my thoughts, emotions, and actions demonstrate my values?

2) Based on my emotion journal, what do I need to work on? What emotion would I like to address first?

3) How do others view me? Does this view help or hinder me in the pursuit of my goals? What changes should I make?

4) Are the majority of my thoughts serving me or harming me? What are five negative thoughts I frequently experience and what are some alternatives that I can redirect to?

5) How well do I focus? What can I do to gain more focus? If I could focus better, what would I concentrate on?

6) What are my primary sources of motivation? What gets me excited?

7) What do I need to do to create a daily meditation practice? Where could I meditate? What benefits do I believe I would receive? How would I describe my health and fitness? What changes in my behavior do I need to make in order to achieve my goals in these areas?

8) What are my top five goals? What habits should I eliminate to have a better chance of attaining these goals?

9) What is my single, most important goal for the next 12 months? Why?

10) In what areas of my life do I need the most work to be happy and content?

11) Why have I failed in the past? What changes can I make to be more successful in the future?

12) What are the primary ways I waste time? Which of these am I willing to give up?