April 30

What’s the Right Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Message?

​Social media offers businesses an opportunity to precisely identify and target the right market to deliver their message.

But it isn't wise, or even possible, to focus your attention on every social platform.

While this may seem like a good idea to reach as many potential customers as you can, it will have the effect of diluting your marketing message.

And flooding the market with the same content.

Plus different platforms attract different audiences. You have to determine which platforms are best for your message.

Discover where your ideal audience hangs out and where they might look for the services you provide.

Study each of these primary platforms to determine which will be most effective for you.

#1  Facebook

Facebook might not quite be the go-to platform it once was, but it still draws a large number of active daily users.

It provides a diverse range of users where every business should be able to find an audience. User data shows that adults and seniors are most loyal to the platform.

You can create a marketing message using images and video as well as long posts to engage with your audience.

It allows you to set up groups to further your promotion and better communicate with your customers.

And the advertising resources easily identify marketing hives based on special interests and demographics.

#2  YouTube

The popular video sharing platform is actually the most used among Americans, with almost three-quarters of adults using the site regularly.

It isn't only in the US that the site is popular either and so it has a diverse reach.

More men do use the site than women, but it is a platform where most businesses should be able to find a target market.

The downside with YouTube is that you are limited to videos to get your message across.

Yet, learning to use the video descriptions and keywords will enhance your channel for any niche target market.

#3  LinkedIn

LinkedIn was created to allow business professionals to network.

This will be a place to focus some of your marketing efforts if you specialize in business-to-business services or target professionals.

You can share business-related content on the site to get your marketing message to the right audience.

#4  Instagram

The users of Instagram typically represent a younger demographic.

If your target market is millennials, this will be an important platform for you.

The site allows you to post images and videos to create stories if that is appropriate.

Hashtags can be used to increase engagement and interact with users.

If you are in a creative or inspirational market it will be easy to produce images which appeal to users of the platform.

​#5  Twitter

The platform is used by many businesses to promote their message as well as stay in contact and help followers.

You can link to longer content through the shorter messages for which the site is most famous.

Interacting, tagging people in your posts and retweeting, offers methods to get your business message more attention by the right market.

#6  Pinterest

The image and video sharing site is the third most popular social platform in the US, with 80 percent of American women using the site.

High-income households are also more likely to use the site according to Pew Research.

Any business which offers services to women should be on this increasingly popular platform.

Engage with those audiences to better understand your target market and invest your time and dollars wisely.


You should concentrate your efforts on 3 or 4 of the platforms which are most appropriate with a your audience.

Figure out where they are already, and stick with those platforms until you master them.

If you like a particular platform and it seems to work for you, even though it may not have the perfect audience, stay with it.

There are likely to be potential customers for your business on every platform, and you may face less competition on the less obviously targeted sites.

To help you with this, I wanted to tell you about a tool called the MyNAMS Profit Planners that will help you master many of these marketing techniques fast with checklists, workbooks, idea generators, and training. Check it out ​here.

​Need help ​getting your message out on social media? Let's talk.


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