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by Ron Carlson, Lights On Business

Home of the 5 Minute Business Builder

We support you growing your Lightworker Business Success with these tips. Each week, we’ll add new articles and resources for your Lightworker Business. We’re Lightworkers too and we get what it takes!

From supporting your energy, shifting your mindsets to making changes and scaling, look for resources here. We’re here to support energy-aware practitioners in their service.

Here is a selection of our articles all about manifesting lightworker clients.

We’re here to help you grow a business that you love and have it love you back. That certainly includes attracting and nurturing yummy clients!

We add more client manifesting content regularly so check back often or join the list!

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Ron D. Carlson

Showing Lightworkers How to Grow a Business That They Love

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Lights On Business

Home of the 5-Minute Business Builder

Ready to grow Your Lightworker Business into one You Love? l have a brand new program I've developed just for Lightworkers. The new program is called Lightworker 5- Minute Business Builder.

This isn’t just another "get clients" program where you're taught someone else's one-size-fits-all all system and expected to make it work for you. This is about nailing down a couple of core steps in a way that is authentic to you, your niche and your superpowers. This program is designed for Lightworkers, not widget sellers.

This isn't some "pdf dump" either. You're getting all 3 of the vital business growing modules with a private library to track your progress, all for $37 / mon.

You get the 3 vital tools you must have to grow a business that you love:

5-Minute Client Finder

5-Minute Value Validator

5-Minute Problem Solver

Where to look for clients, how to get their attention right away without competing and how to confirm your value to them.

Jump on this if you want to make 2024 your Lightworker Business year!

Check out the 3-Month Business Builder Program HERE:

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