Make Your Marketing a Love Story


Does your marketing feel like a love story?

To Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, it ought to.

Soothing, healing, attracting, with ease and no chasing.

Natural attraction.

You become so passionate and so clear that it’s obvious you are doing and being what you love.

If you are tired of competing to get noticed among 10 million other lightworkers.  If chasing-style marketing is just not working for you.  If you know you have light to offer but haven’t found an authentic way that actually is suited to YOU, you’re in the right place.

We show our clients how to build their unique Navastar, a powerful avatar that is so much more specific that it draws ideal clients in.  Combined with the custom Client Magnet Map we help you build, your messaging shifts from salesy marketing and UGH cold calls to natural experiences for you.

It starts with finding your genius “secret sauce”.  This is the “juicy energy” that potential clients feel about you that shows that you are doing what you love, you’re passionate about it.  It’s very contagious.

Take this fun and free quiz to see if you’ve found your genius “secret sauce”.