Look Who’s Looking for YOUR Flame of Genius

Look Who's Looking for YOUR Flame of Genius

1 in 4 workers quit their jobs this year. Millions in August alone.. It's called the Great Resignation and the Pandemic Epiphany..  These people are mostly in their forties and mostly women. (NBCNews CNBC, NPR).

They are desperate enough to just quit their jobs by the millions and some of these people are looking for YOU.

Here are two ways to look at this:

~1 The Great Resignation  - as in they are giving up on finding what they want


~2 The Pandemic Epiphany - as in seeing there must be a better way, then quitting, determined to change for something better

 They have quit what was and they haven't figured out what is next for them.  Some of them are just resigned and they are done for now.

 Others are following an epiphany. These may need to be guided to find their inner fire. They yearn to fall in love with living. They want to unlock their Flame of Genius. Let's find out whether some of your tribe have had an epiphany and may need your support.

"At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back."

Here is a quick check to determine if YOUR tribe is among those leaving what was and looking for something better.

Of the people you are in touch with in your tribe, people who know them or are on social media, do this exercise to see whether your peeps are looking for help.

Count how many times you've heard or seen these statements in the last 3 months. These are real comments from the 1 in 4 workers who have recently quit.

Is Your Tribe Ready to Change Survey

  1. I'm rethinking about priorities, reevaluating
  2. There's more to life than work
  3. I quit rather than go back to the office
  4. My work is dehumanizing
  5. Do I want to continue to work for less pay, less recognition, less opportunities 
  6. There's got to be a better way
  7. We're suffering because our jobs actually make us sick
  8. So much loss has happened during the pandemic, there is kind of a YOLO (You Only Live Once)  attitude. If not now, when? Because tomorrow isn't promised.
  9. I was on a fast train going nowhere
  10. I hated leaving what I loved to do  and have a lot of anger about how I had to change my career path
  11. Living with my parents during the pandemic made me switch careers
  12. I was called back to work and it really brought to light just how toxic my workplace had really become

How many of these have you heard or seen: ________

0 - 3  Sounds like your peeps are mostly doing ok. That's great!

4-7  There are people around you who are actively seeking change and may benefit from what you do.

8-12  Your phone ought to be ringing off the hook with peeps seeking lightworker support.

If you counted over 3, there are people around you yearning to change. Let's see if they may benefit from your lightworker support.

See how many of these you can say yes or maybe to:

The pandemic was sort of a nationwide awakening - Can you help them find what they want to awaken to?

~1 They questioned their relationship with their jobs and realized they want something different - Do you offer support for change?

~2 They desire more personal freedom - Does working with you show them a way?

~3 The most important thing is to make humans actually feel like human beings - Is your approach meaning based?

~4 They want more flexible schedules and smarter and more humane scheduling - Can you help them figure out how?

~5 They want better work-life balance - Can you support them to find better balance?

~6 Many quit to start a new business that offered fulfillment - Can you support them building a fulfilling business?

~7 They want to do something they love - They want to fall in love with living. Can you show them it's possible?

They are looking for people who they can connect with, people who have unlocked their Flame of Genius. That may be you.

If you can say yes to some of these but you're not quite sure you know where to start, book a free clarity call.  No hype, promise.  Schedule that HERE

I'm looking forward to speaking with you about you unlocking your Flame of Genius and serving more of your tribe!






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