Look Who’s Looking for YOUR Flame of Genius


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Look Who’s Looking for YOU

1 in 4 workers quit their jobs this year. It’s called the Great Resignation and the Pandemic Epiphany..  These people are mostly in their forties and mostly women.

They are deperate enough to just quit their jobs by the millions.

Some of these people are looking for YOU. They have quit what was and they haven’t figured out what is next for them.  They need to be guided to find their inner fire. They yearn for fall in love with living. They want to unlock their Flame of Genius.

Here are two ways to look at this:

  1. Resignation as in they are giving up on finding what they want
  2. Pandemic epiphany as in seeing there must be a better way, then quiting, determined to change for something better

rethinking about priorities

there’s more to life than work

quit rather than go back to the office

dehumanizing, toxic place

do I want to continue to work for less pay, less recognition, less opportunities 

we’re suffering; there’s got to be a better way

this moment being called the great resignation

pandemic was sort of a nationwide awakening

questioned their relationship with their jobs and realized they want something different

desire for more personal freedom

we’re suffering because our jobs actually make us sick

single most important thing is to make humans actually feel like human beings

more flexible schedules and smarter and more humane scheduling