Lightworkers Don’t Like “Marketing”

We Do Lights On Messaging Instead - No Yelling, No Chasing 

Are you just sick and tired of people who don’t really know you, telling you how to run your business?

Are you over it with gurus who don’t get lightworkers but claim they have a “marketing secret” you need?

 Have you had it with people telling you, it’ll only work using their system?

I am too.

Let’s take “marketing” head-on, ok.

Lightworkers are NOT selling widgets so WHY do people keep trying to sell us plans as if we want to “sell more”? Really?

Let me ask you this: at the end of they day, are you checking your Paypal sales report as your #1 indicator?  Of course you’re not.

Your #1 thing is NOT selling is it?  You are here to offer service and have it be received WITHOUT that costing you everything.

Am I right?

Making a living is second to that. Yes, necessary and yes deserved. (We do a LOT of mindset work on this around here). But, gurus, STOP telling me your secret sauce plan will get me 6 figures. STOP THAT.

Am I right?

You have probably tried REALLY hard to accept that you do need to do marketing and that you need to suck it up and get it done. Even though you believe it’s going to cost you your connection to everything you built your life around serving. And, of course, that’s not going to work.

You inherently DON’T want to do what is called "marketing". You don’t want do be talked into it either, do you?

Around here, we don’t.

We do Lights On Messaging.  We find that when a person is coming from their unique genius and is lit up like the 4th of July that the right people notice and find them, are attracted to them.

But, what you see gurus pitch is what I call “Math-Major Marketing” (Hey, I am a math and physics major. I helped build Space Shuttle too) like this:  “Just 30 days and 27 steps to 10 figures using a 15 part system and a secret formula script no one authentic would speak, sign up here…”

Just no.

Our peeps don’t to do marketing like that.

They want to do Lights On Messaging. They want to convey natural connections and organic enrollments. Not hard and forced.

Attraction not chasing.

Am I right?

Let’s talk about what you really want in having a Lightworker Business.

You want do the service you feel called to do and have that be received gratefully and to good effect without you feeling like a hypocrite running your business.

That about right?

So, I ask you, WHY are the business coaches out there making all their noise about how they alone can show you how to be successful BUT

They never show you HOW to stay connected to your purpose while you do so?

For a Lightworker, connection is EVERYTHING.

Because they DON’T get it.

They don’t get that for a Lightworker, if you lose your connection, nothing else is worth it.

Around here, we DON’T marketing, we do Natural Messaging, Navastar Messaging

Around here, we DON’T do “Math Major Marketing'' either, we don’t pitch the  “Just 30 days and 27 steps to 10 figures using a 15 part system and a secret formula script no one authentic would speak, sign up here…” stuff. 

And, I learned that a Lightworker can grow a business that is NOT like that.

A business that is NOT built on heartburn and compromise.

If you’re ready for a Lightworker Business that flows, rewards and recharges, that’s what we do.

We show selective Lightworkers who are ready, who can commit to taking steps forward how to build a business that they love and it loves them back.

We’re here.  

If you are ready to dive in, welcome to how Lightworker Business Coaching is supposed to be.

We have your Flame of Genius waiting for you....