Know Who This Hidden Hero Is?


I read about the passing of a person from the 70’s you likely “loved to hate” if your movie viewing stretches to classics.

She was cast for a role after all the known actresses in Hollywood turned it down.

The movie went on to be the first in 40 years to win “Best awards” in five major categories.

To me, that isn’t the deeper story.  

When I read that the house went dead quiet during her acceptance speech so she could sign her non-hearing parents, learned more and discovered a hidden hero.

Part of what she signed was: “I wanted to say thank you for teaching me to have a dream.”

While she had had some bit parts in Hollywood, nothing major had appeared.

Then she put her working on hold to stay home for eleven years to raise her boys.

After that, in her 40’s, it wasn’t not easy for a relatively unknown actress to land a role let alone with Jack Nicholson.

She did.  

And in her speech, she spoke to her parents in a language almost no one else in the house could understand. Her learning to dream was more important than the crowd.

Do you know a hero who helped others learn to dream?

Her name is Louise Fletcher. She played the infamous Nurse Ratched in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.