Is This Vision of Greatness Alive in Your Genius Journey Plan?


Is This Vision of Greatness Alive in Your Genius Journey Plan?

Here lies the core difference between thinking about a different outcome and achieving it.

There is a gap between thinking about manifesting a change and taking the right kind of action to bring it into being.  This is the action that may seem fully logical and in line with your personal plan for objective greatness. And, often, it’s linear. And often,  linear steps don’t lead to that big leap you’d love.

In other words, getting to greatness is NOT a straight line.

Here are some messages from the father of two of the greatest people ever to appear in their field.  His daughters became superstars. And their father had messages for them that were opposite most coaches or ambitious parents.


Before a match, he’d say to these emerging champions, “go out and have fun”.  Not, go kill ’em and win. Have fun.

He regularly pulled his daughters out of tournaments when their school grades were flagging.  He said they needed to learn that living life is about balance. “Being misunderstood never bothered me”.

He was asked how he knew what to do to lead them. He responded that he knew from before they were born what was coming.

If his daughters were ultimately described as great tennis stars, he felt he would have failed as a father.  He wants them described as great human beings.

“How did I think that I could be the mental force behind two winning female tennis stars?  

The answer to that: I didn’t think I could do anything.”

He powerfully said directly, “I could”.

And whom was this?

Richard Williams, father and guide for Serena and Venus Williams, tennis champions, business founders, charitable contributors and inspirations.

He didn’t “think he could”, he knew.  His vision was open for the assistance of the universe in moving pieces into place beyond his imagining. 

Questions to ask follow:

“At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back.” 

1) Is there room in your genius journey for a vision of greatness that is open-ended? That may extend well beyond what you imagine?

2) Is there space you hold that believes that you can.

3) Is there room for being a great human being in your vision of greatness?

Your vision for your healing business is not an accident, and you are destined to help others and create a fulfilling life for yourself.

Imagine the excitement of sharing your unique strengths with the world and attracting your dream clients.

Creating the healing business of your dreams starts with 2 essential things…

#1 ~ Energizing Your Big Why

#2 ~ Sparking Your Magical Superpowers


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