Is it Possible to Change? 

Here at Lights On Business, we have actually studied how change works and why it often doesn't. My book,  "Moving Your Success Line", explains the critical pieces for successful change.  Our Flame of Genius Webinar exposes the guru myths currently flooding the airwaves. I hope you'll watch it (link below).

"At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back."

Let's look at why change is challenging:

1. Habits are strong and pervasive. 

2. Change is hard because it's uncomfortable. 

3. What you're doing is already working, sort of. Most of us prefer our know commodities than facing uncertainty.

4. You've tried to change in the past and failed. 

It isn't easy to change, but change is possible. 

The guru myths about change.

Change is possible if you first understand how change works and when it doesn't.

The internet is full of hype and marketing about the latest and greatest means of pivoting and changing.  I'd note, these latest bright, shiny objects are often coming from the same guru's who had a different solution to offer last year.  Wonder what happened to that?

I strongly encourage you to watch the Flame of Genius Webinar for a full explanation of the myths about change and about getting started.

The problem is that change doesn't work if you start from the WRONG place!  A whole lot of the "plans" out there do and you may not be satisfied with the results.

Change requires three key ingredients to be successful.  Miss one and the change often falters.

Change is Possible - Here is how to get started

It all starts with passion.  The flame of genius inspiration that turns the hours into minutes and the struggle into satisfaction. Unlocking one's own, unique Flame of Genius set's the foundation for profound shifts in life , work, relationship, money, health and connection.

I invite you to savor the Flame of Genius Webinar.