April 30

Importance of a Content Marketing Plan

​Develop a consistent and focused content marketing strategy.

To build the right message to market match, it's essential to capture the attention of your target market AND engage them regularly.

Here are a few steps to help do that.

#1  Be consistent with your content

Consistency is the most critical aspect you need to consider in creating content, and this applies to all forms of content -- pictures, videos, articles, and all other forms of content.

If you want a brand identity that sticks around, make sure your audience recognizes your style immediately every time.

#2  Be consistent with your topics

Content topics that stray from your primary market focus dilutes your brand causes confusion.

You can't have a consistent message to market match if you don't stay on target with the right topics.

#3  Create a consistent and distinct theme

Always focus your content around a central genre so that you never stray from your purpose.

Stick to your brand identity so your customers know who you are.

When your target market sees your content, your brand should be the first thing that pops to their mind.

Your theme should reflect your mission statement as well to become create long-term congruency.

#4  Templates improve consistency

Using your brand colors and logos, create templates using "Lorem Ipsum" text that can be replaced with the real text whenever you need it.

Having a dozen or so templates allows you to crank out lots of content with a consistent brand.

Themes and templates build consistency, but also save enormous time.

#5  Schedule your content blocks

Using a content calendar to focus on overall topics allows you to know exactly what content can be created, scheduled, and distributed in the foreseeable future.

There's nothing like consistency and stability to reduce the stress of running a business either.

#6  Lastly, we have the content creation itself

This is the final step in your content marketing plan where you get to implement all aspects that have been talked above.
Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies to capture your target market.

Just remember...

Be consistent.
Chose the right topics.
Create a central theme.
Use a bank of custom templates.
Always, focus on your target market.

To help you with this, I wanted to tell you about a tool called the MyNAMS Profit Planners that will help you master many of these marketing techniques fast with checklists, workbooks, idea generators and training. Check it out ​here.

​Need help with your lightworker content? Let's talk.


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