I Get Rid of Things I No Longer Need – Affirmation

I get rid of things I no longer need - Affirmation and Reflection

In our support for lightworkers to build a business that they love and it loves them back, part of the journey lies in letting go of what no longer serves. While this has a physical aspect, it also has a huge potential to free up energy space for growth and movement. Enjoy this affirmation!

"At Lights On Business, we show you how to get a business you love and a business that loves you back."

I get rid of things I no longer need.

I get rid of things I no longer need in order to avoid clutter in my home. I enjoy cleanliness and organization at home. I am free from the weight of stuff I never use.

There are people for whom my trash is their treasure. Therefore, I give away undamaged old clothes to people in need.

When I look into my closet, I see only clothes that fit me and make me look good. I can easily find what I want without having to wrestle my way through items I know I don't wear.

Rather than holding on to every little item that has sentimental value, I take photos of those items and keep an album instead. When I look at the photos, the memories come back as fresh as the days I received the items.

While it may feel as though the item itself cannot be disposed of because it represents something, the memories live in my mind and heart forever. Giving something up in no way means it has lost its value. It simply means it no longer has a place in my space.

Cleaning out my space frees me from the bondage of clutter. The clearer my space, the clearer I can think. 

Today, I choose to embark on a de-cluttering journey around my home. One room at a time, I sort out what I need from what is simply taking up space. By getting rid of things I no longer need, I keep my space fresh and organized.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What drives me to hold on to things I no longer use?
2. Why is it better to get rid of unneeded things rather than hold on to them?
3. What can I get rid of today that I have no use for?