I defeat my fears by following my dreams

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I Defeat My Fears By Following My Dreams - Affirmations

Fear is a part of life, but I am overcoming my fears each day. Achieving my dreams is also the path to defeating my fears.

My goals and dreams are crystal clear to me. By being clear on my dreams, I am able to overcome my fears as they appear. I can stay the course, regardless of how much fear I face.

Each step I take toward my goals has the potential to trigger a fear. However, I welcome my fears, because their appearance provides the opportunity to eliminate them.

I have already vanquished many fears and look forward to overcoming even more in the future.

Each fear I overcome is another step closer to freedom, and freedom is the ultimate achievement. My desire to attain freedom is much greater than my desire to avoid fear.

With each fear I defeat, I become stronger and more resilient. My motivation and confidence grow. I can achieve anything, if only I am brave enough. My internal reserves are stronger than any obstacle.

Today, I face my fears head on and with a smile. I know that freedom and success lie on the other side of my fears. I feel freer and more successful with each passing moment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I allowed fear to derail my efforts?
  2. How much could I achieve if I refused to allow fear to stop me?
  3. What do I want to accomplish in my life? What fears will I face?