I can change my results by changing my approach.


I am a firm believer that there is always an alternative. I avoid looking at difficult situations as impossible to resolve. I know I can change the outcome of any situation if I change my approach to it.

I carefully weigh the pros and cons in making each decision and remain open to considering other options if the cons of my original idea outweigh the pros.

I am always willing to rework my plan to achieve a more favorable result.

I am a true example of living and thinking outside the box. Nothing in life is absolute. Creative thinking can sometimes yield better results than conventional ideas. I allow myself to divert from the norm and consider alternatives that may even be unpopular – until they work!

I believe that I can convert a negative outcome into a positive one by changing my approach. I am open to listening to the views and suggestions of others, as their experience or ideas may provide the perfect solution to a current challenge.

Today, my mission is to always aim at success, regardless of the situation. If one approach fails to deliver my desired results, I simply try again with a different approach.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel if I am unable to come up with a suitable solution right away?
2. Do I empower my team at work to think outside the box?
3. Do I share my strengths in problem solving with others?